Algebra: A Quick Guide


Algebra covers a lot of different areas of maths and many students are more likely not to find something that interests them. It takes some time and efforts to understand and do well in this subject. Finding unknown values with the information that we already have is what algebra is all about. That sounds straight forward. Uncertainty and lack of proper knowledge on the concepts is the biggest problem that many students face when it comes to solving algebraic expressions. Majority of them make silly mistakes in solving algebra questions during the manipulation of mathematics terms.

Some of the basic concepts are introduced in pre-algebra. These concepts are later build on in algebra one and further in algebra two. Student who understand these concepts find college algebra much easier than those who never grasped something at the beginning. Of course not everyone understands algebra the same way. As a matter of fact, we have students who are slow learner’s by nature and in quest to complete the curriculum for every year in time, many teachers or tutors rush and these students are left behind. On the contrary, some students form an early impression that algebra is tough, this goes on and acts as a barrier to them.

Students with such attitude towards algebra should be helped to get interested and understand what they are learning. It is not a one man’s show. Both parents and any relevant persons should help students stay focused and committed to their algebra study. If you want to learn more about algebra, you can visit

Some of the terms that students come across in an algebra class include; distance equation, least common multiple, greatest common divisor, greatest common factor and so forth. The distance formula is derived from the famous Pythagorean theorem. Finding the distance between two points such is simply done by using the coordinates of the ordered pairs then applying the formula.

With the advancement of technology, a distance distance formula calculator could simply be used. You only need to have the required equation. Plug in the calculator and it does everything for you. Sometimes some syntax errors may occur. You must ensure that you are perfect in what you’re doing.

Understanding of the mathematics operations and the real meaning of the equal symbol that relates two mathematics operations is very important. Many students encounter serious problems when moving mathematics variables or terms from left side to right side or vice versa of the equal symbol. The use of gcf calculator is highly recommend.


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